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DJ Moerer Enterprises

DJ Moerer Enterprises was established by David J. Moerer, an entrepreneur of various talents.
His goal is to help and improve peoples lives with technology, engineering, creativity and collaboration.

The HookClip

(PAT. NO. US D781,571)

The HookClip is made in the U.S.A.  This device is versitle and durable.

The HookClip-Plus

The HookClip-Plus can be used to hang a variety of items, to keep them handy and accessible.

The EyeClip

Never lose your eyeglasses again with the EyeClip.  Keep your glasses close to your heart!

The HookClip

The HookClip was designed to attach and hold items where ever feasible, but designed with a break point for safety. The HookClip is available in Black or White, but can be produced in a variety of colors on special request.

The HookClip-Plus

The HookClip-Plus is sold with a Clasp attached to aid in hanging items such as nametags and keys. Hang them on your shirt, your belt, the list goes on and on. Send us your ideas on how to use the HookClip-Plus and we will post it on our site so other users can benefit from your creativity.

The EyeClip

Never lose your eyeglasses again with the EyeClip. Keep your glasses close to your heart!.


Here are three faces of the many dedicated people who work to bring you our products!

David Moerer

Inventor / Entrepreneur

Brittany Rothrock


Suzanne Rothrock

Sales / Customer Service